Extreme Right Wing = Mad Hatter’s Tea Party ???

Does the extreme right wing sound like the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party from Alice in Wonderland?

Attacks on access to birth control and abortion are out of touch, and off the deep end.

Legislators who are proudly ignorant about women’s anatomy and biology have been having a wild party setting new standards in government intrusion into our bodies.

Had enough?  Take a look at our new 1-minute pilot video to kick start our campaign to call out and push back against the extreme right wing, and to ramp up effective support for women’s reproductive health, rights, and justice.

This week, the Supreme Court heard from two corporations that claim they have a legal right to exclude 4 kinds of birth control from their employees’ health insurance coverage.  They claim they have this right because corporations have a religious conscience, a novel claim.

The Court is expected to take a “straw poll” vote on their verdict this week.

Public opinion matters.  Across the country, we’re speaking out.  See what some supporters who have had enough are saying (below).

This is insane!  These are businesses – not churches.  They have no business butting into their employees’ medical decisions!   M.L. Jones, Indianapolis, IN

Corporations have consciences?  Eggs are people?  But women are apparently not people with consciences who can be trusted to act responsibly.    Claire Wendland, Madison, WI

What is it going to take to make you get the clue that you have no damn business at all in making women’s personal medical decisions?    Jessica Kraskian, Park Ridge, NJ

Really!    Charlotte Taft, Glorieta, NM

Having lived when few birth control options were available I find it outrageous that men (mostly) still want to control women and their bodies…it is not theirs, it is ours…                          Marie Delloue, San Francisco, CA

Practicing one’s religion is all well and good, but enforcing those beliefs on others is wrong. The Bible doesn’t instruct us to force our beliefs on others, rather it teaches respect of the beliefs of others.    Hank Stevens, Gresham, OR

The Christian Taliban has no right to determine how women protect their own health.    Dianne Marsella, Aurora, IL

My body belongs to me.    Dolores Dempsey, San Diego, CA

Dear Supreme Court Justices,
Please uphold the Affordable Care Act by supporting a woman’s right to affordable birth control.  Thank You.        
Carol Garvey, San Jose, CA

Thank you Trust Women Campaign for keeping us informed on what our opponents are manipulating each and every day. Roma Guy, San Francisco, CA

Thank you for speaking out!

Please add your voice and contribute to support our video project to protest the extreme Mad Hatter right wing.

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