to Leader Pelosi, Pres.: Protect Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid!

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Dear Dan,
Thank you for conveying to Minority Leader Pelosi the attached petition urging our elected officials not to cut vital benefits.  The attached file includes complete contact information for all signers, who will certainly be interested in a response from our representatives.  Best regards, Ellen Shaffer

Protect Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid

Women, communities of color and allies call on Congress and the President to protect Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid

The Issues

As Congress reconvenes to address the budget, the first order of business must be to protect the benefits we rely on through Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

Congress failed for the last 2 years to agree on proposals to manage the federal budget and the deficit, and now faces a “fiscal cliff:” without further action, cuts to the military and social programs would be phased in starting in January, 2013. The Bush-era tax cuts would also expire, meaning taxes would go up both for wealthy and middle-income people, starting in January. To avoid these consequences, Congress could just raise tax rates for the wealthiest 2% of the population, but carve out middle-income people, who need the cash to stimulate the economy. Failing that, groups associated with finance capital have advocated for a “Grand Bargain,” first proposed by the failed Simpson-Bowles commission, to cut benefits for Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, as a trade off for some tax increases.

Cutting benefits from Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid would be especially harmful to the health of women, who live longer but have lower incomes. Additionally, women of color, who already experience a host of health disparities and difficulties in accessing critical health services would be disproportionately impacted by any erosion of Medicaid.

The “chained CPI” would directly reduce benefits paid to the elderly, estimated at 3 months of groceries a year. (See: ) Raising the age of eligibility for Social Security income support, or reducing benefits, would tip millions of elderly women into poverty, including many without family or friends as caregivers, and who are people of color. They would have to spend down their savings to become eligible for Medicaid, and experience medically unnecessary confinement in nursing homes as a result.

Medicare is the major source of payment for hospital and ambulatory care as well as for rehabilitation services and considerable home health and nursing home care. Forcing women to neglect necessary care at ages 65-67 would result in greater risk of complications from chronic diseases as they grow older.

Medicaid provides essential support to pregnant women, their children and people using long term care services at home, in their communities and in skilled nursing facilities. Any reduction of these benefits would irretrievably harm health and hasten death among women.

Further, the Social Security Trust Fund is entirely solvent through 2038, requiring only minor tweaks in the interim to extend into the future. Medicare and Medicaid are affected by health care cost increases, but cutting benefits will not solve those problems.

The text of the petition

On Nov. 6, women and communities of color gave the margin of victory to a President and members of Congress who promised to fight for higher taxes on the wealthy, for more public investment and for careful cuts in spending, while revitalizing the economy.

As Congress negotiates on the “fiscal cliff,” they must protect the benefits we rely on through Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Cutting benefits from Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid would be especially harmful to the health of women, who live longer but have lower incomes. The “chained CPI” would cut payments to women in their 80s by the cost of 3 months of groceries a year. Additionally, women of color, who already experience a host of health disparities and difficulties in accessing critical health services would be disproportionately impacted by any erosion of Medicaid. These cuts would do nothing to address the deficit. Such cuts would force women ages 65-67 to neglect needed health care, worsening chronic conditions throughout their lives. Reduced income support would force many elderly women without family or friends as caregivers to spend down to qualify for Medicaid, and experience medically unnecessary confinement in nursing homes as a result.

There is a ready solution to raise revenue: Let the Bush tax cuts expire for the wealthiest 2% of Americans.

We urge you to fight for:

1. No cuts to Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid benefits

2. Let the Bush tax cuts expire for the wealthiest 2% of Americans.

First   name City State Add your personal message to be   sent along with the petition
Kirsten   Tuscaloosa   Alabama Fight to save all three!
Jonathan   Phoenix   Arizona
niki   phoenix   Arizona
Sharon   Phoenix   Arizona
Luisa   Scottsdale   Arizona
Susan   Camp Verde   Arizona This is a no brainer!   Seriously!
nancy   sedona   Arizona cut the military madness budget   & raise taxes on those making over $500,000
Roy   Mesa   Arizona
Diane   Jacksonville   Arkansas
Gerald   Los Angles   California
Priscilla   Los Angeles   California
Ellen   Rolling Hills Estates   California
Patty   Torrance   California Isn’t it enough that the top 1%   already have increased their position relative to the bottom 99% by a factor   of 240?  Let’s leave SOMETHING for the   community at large!!!
Sheila   North Hollywood   California
S E   Studio City   California
Gwendolyn   Imperial Beach   California
Celeste   El Cajon   California America’s middle and working   classes are its real job creators.    When they do well, they create demand, which creates jobs.  Don;t cut earned benefits and social safety   net programs just to bribe the 1% with tax breaks that don’t create any jobs   anyway!  Let the Bush tax cuts   (including Estate tax cuts) expire!    Protect America’s working people and retirees!
Anne   Encinitas   California
joy   San Diego   California
Kristen   San Diego   California Don’t   cut earned benefits for the poor and middle class, just to give rich people   even more subsidies they don’t deserve. It’s ridiculous. We are   watching.
Evie   San Diego   California
Jeoffry   San Diego   California
Jeoffry   San Diego   California
Christina   San Diego   California
Vera   San Diego   California Don’t continue tax benefits to   the wealthy and the corporations on the backs of seniors and the needy.  Social Security and Medicare were paid for   over the working years.  They are not   entitlements – they are prepaid insurance programs.  Raise or eliminate the ceiling on payroll   taxes which are extremely regressive.
Barton   Santa Barbara   California
Sarah   Three rivers   California
Alma   Visalia   California
Philip   Visalia   California
Gabrielle   Visalia   California
Susan   Coarsegold   California
Kenneth   Oakhurst   California Equality for all
Mayra   Fresno   California
Pedro   Fresno   California
Linda   Fresno   California
Janet   Fresno   California
Jeff   Daly City   California
Sophia   Los Altos   California As a doctor, I say do not cut   healthcare in the elderly b/c it will only result in MORE costs. Prevention   is cheaper than treating disease out of control.
The gap between the rich and poor in this country is at its peak? Regardless, the wealthiest 2% can afford to be taxed a little to help the greater good.
Gail   Menlo Park   California The International Monetary Fund   has recommended a small tax on stock transactions. Wall Street can chip in   way better than seniors and the disabled.
Virginia   Atherton   California
Virginia   Atherton   California
Gail   Redwood City   California
Inda S.   San Francisco   California
Winslow   San Francisco   California Don’t reduce or cut Medicare or   Social Security for any reason.
Brittney   San Francisco   California
Donna   San Francisco   California
L.A.   San Francisco   California As a woman 65 years of age who   is on a very limited/fixed income, it is extremely important to me (and many,   many of my friends) to have these systems in place.Also, from what I understand, the Social Security system is actually not in   danger. Please remember this. It is so important for people who are not   independently wealthy to have this available…and we pay for it! It is not a   gift. It comes from what we earn and it is double taxed…so we pay for it   twice.

Keep these systems in place!

Sahru   San Francisco   California
Robin   San Francisco   California Punish poor women depending on   Medicare to protect the wealthy?  For   shame!
Suzanne   San Francisco   California
Allyson   San Francisco   California
alyce   san francisco   California
Harriet   San Francisco   California
holly   san francisco   California
Melanie   San Francisco, CA   California
Bernard   San Francisco   California If we can’t protect such   fundamental programs, what kind of country are we living in?
catherine   san francisco   California
Catherine   San francisco   California My   mother and I are both on social security and rely on Medicare. We didn’t vote   Democrat all our lives to see the President allow cuts here.
D   San Francisco   California our vote said …preserve   Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.
Frances   San Francisco   California
Iris   San Francisco   California
June   San Francisco   California
Karil   San Francisco   California
michael   San Francisco   California
Susan   San Francisco   California
Jenny   San Francisco   California We worked hard for your   re-election. As a result, you have a mandate.    Please don’t cave in as you did in your first term.
Kathie   San Francisco   California
Maia   San Francisco   California
Wendy   San Francisco   California
Carol   San Francisco   California
Eileen   San francisco   California
Melody   San Francisco   California
Patrice   San Francisco   California
Peter   San Francisco   California
Robert   San Francisco   California
Herschel   San Francisco   California If you need money, bring all our   troops home from the 160 countries where we have them now and use the money   for our own people!
Tatiana   San Francisco   California
Ruth   San Francisco   California
Harold   San Francisco   California
Joan   San Francisco   California
Sandra   San Francisco   California
Linda   San Francisco   California
william   San Franciso   California No room for the ‘grand bargain’   or what B.S. title its given.  The   aging population and the sick need all the help they can get.  Leave the safety net alone!
Betsy   San Francisco   California
Margaret   San Francisco   California Don’t   balance the budget on the backs of the millions of elderly women and men who   rely on Social Security benefits for subsistence in this economy.
Judy   San Francisco   California
maureen   san francisco   California
Robin   San Francisco   California Remove the cap on Social   Security.  Put everyone into   Medicare.  The fix is simple.
Lesley   san francisco   California
Velma   SF   California
Warren   San Francisco   California
David   San Francisco   California Cutting   social security makes no economic sense. These payments are one of the few   things keeping the economy going, by maintaining some base level of   demand.
Veronica   San Francisco   California
Thomas   Palo Alto   California No more cuts to social services!   No more, until we’ve eliminated tax loopholes and incentives for the   wealthiest among us: offshored profits, tax refunds to multi-billion-dollar   companies, privileges for big investors and hedge fund managers, unrestricted   CEO pay, investment banks speculating with our deposits. Enough!
Ellyn   161 Blossom Circle, 2D   California You need to raise taxes on the   rich, who will barely notice it. If you harm Social Security, Medicare and   Medicaid you will pay for it in the 2014 elections. We’re taking names.
Eugene   San Mateo   California
Kay   Concord   California
Elaine   Fremont   California It is vital to seniors that   Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security be kept intact.  Get rid of loopholes, but don’t get rid of   benefits.  The most wealthy Americans   should and must be paying their fair share.    The Bush tax cuts for the wealthy should have been eliminated four   years ago.
Terri   Castro valley   California Social security should   not be on the table.
Ann   Livermore   California
Sara   2500 alhambra ave   California
Agnes   Fremont   California Women are working harder than   the men, because besides, the jobs that they have to deal with , after work   they have deal with the family as well. Just based on that fact, we all   deserve better social security , medicare and medicaid.
jo   Moraga   California
Roberta   San Leandro   California
Lynne   Oakland   California
Matthew   Oakland   California
Menaka   Oakland   California
patricia   t.   oakland   California thank you Ellen Shaffer,  The repugnicans are determined to destroy   soc sec,medicare, medicaid and I wonder how dedicated the demoscratchers are to   protecting these protections.
Thomas   Oakland   California
Joan   Oakland   California
William   Oakland   California The best way to save Medicare is   to improve it and give it to everyone.    Single payer now!
Suzanne   Emeryville   California
Arthur   Oakland   California Dear mr. President and honorable   congresspersons,Social security has never caused any deficit.  please do not cut any benefits to our   elderly!  Also please increase the   social security tax on higher incomes up to $140,000/year to cover 90% of the   national annual income to ensure long term sustainability. It is entirely   solvent.

The same measures should be applied to Medicare.  In addition to cost efficiency pilots,  A    payroll tax increase can ensure appropriate level of funding to keep   it solvent.

Medicaid is critical to ensure our most vulnerable populations  have access to care.  Otherwise delayed access will cause   unnecessary pain and suffering and additional costs to our health care   system. It just doesn’t make sense not to cover everyone.

Please do the right thing!


Arthur chen, MD

Dawn   Oakland   California
Nancy   Oakland   California
Julia   Oakland   California We pay for Social Security, a   national insurance system supported by employees and employers.  Congress has “borrowed” funds   which largely accounts for shortfalls.    The correct plan is to protect SS funds, not raid them.  Is car insurance an entitlement program?
elizabeth   Oakland   California
Kermit   Emeryville   California
Daniel   Berkeley   California
Judy   Berkeley   California
Norma   Berkeley   California
Sam   Berkeley   California
Barbara   Berkeley   California
Judith   Berkeley   California
Julianna   Berkeley   California Use this fabulous woman where   she can be of best help to this country!
John   Berkeley   California Seize the time!
Barbra   Berkeley   California
joan   65 tunnel rd   California
Margaretta   Berkeley   California
Margery   Berkeley   California
Wendy   Berkeley   California
Adele   Albany   California As a public health professional   for more than 40 years, I cannot stress enough the importance of these   supports to help alleviate health disparities.
Diane   Albany   California
Raymond   Albany   California
Roberta   Berkeley   California
Dan   Berkeley   California
Minoo   Berkeley   California
Phoebe   Berkeley   California Tax the 2% to benefit of the   increasingly and unfairly declining 98%.(typo previously.  corrected above)
Eleanore   Berkeley,   California
Leah   Berkeley   California This is a “no   brainer!”
Margot   Berkeley   California
Ruth   California
Diane   Richmond   California
Meredith   richmond   California
Pam   Richmond   California I am nearing retirement and   after working for 20 years for a non profit have counted on my Social   Security as my primary income for my retirement. Please protect Social   Security.
Sue   Richmond,   California
Tammy   Richmond   California
Elinor   Richmond   California
Carole   San Rafael   California
Therese   San Rafael   California
ellen   corte madera   California
Barbara   Mill Valley   California
Esther   Mill Valley   California
Linda   Mill Valley   California
Leslie   Novato   California
marsha   penngrove   California
Linda   Petaluma   California
Anna   San Anselmo   California
Marti   Sausalito   California
Virginia   Campbell   California As everyone should know, Social   Security is NOT an entitlement – it is a protected budgetary program.  We have paid into it since starting to   work.  Even Ronald Reagan said that Social   Security is NOT figured into the budget.    For the “lock box” that Al Gore was talking about in the   1990’s, the Lock box was raided and put “I owe yous” in it.  It was never paid back, thus, the shortfall   in Social Security.  Go back into the   archives and hear what Ronald Reagan said !!!
Phillip   Cupertino   California
Jill   Felton   California
Pooja   Morgan Hill   California
Martha   San Jose   California Please, do not mess with our   Medicare, Social Security or Medicaid!    Improve them but NO TAKE AWAYS!!!!!!!!!!
Ruth   San Jose   California
Ed   San Jose   California It is critical to our society to   help folks who need it the most.
Guadalupe   San Jose   California
Greg   San Jose   California
Deborah   San Jose   California
Rose   Stockton   California
Henry   Atwater   California Eliminate the Social Security   payroll tax cap.Increase the SS payroll tax by 0.5%.

Apply the SS payroll tax to all salary reduction plans.

Add all state and local workers to Social Security.

Neahle   Santa Rosa   California
sheila   Santa Rosa   California
Mette   Sebastopol   California
M   Davis   California
Richard   Citrus Heights   California
Marlene   Roseville   California
Mary   roseville   California
Patricia   Camino   California
Diana   Rocklin   California Cuts would be harmful to   the          economy.
june   sacramento   California
Charlsey   Sacramento   California
Mindy   Grass Valley   California
malcolm   BERKELEY   California
James   R.   Torrance   California
Wayne   P.   Torrance   California
Georgia   Sherman Oaks   California
Frank   North Hollywood   California
Diana   Redwood City   California
Allyson   San Francisco   California
Suzanne   San Francisco   California Don’t you DARE slash   Medicare!  Our lives depend on it.
Lucy   Berkeley   California
Rosylin   San Jose   California
Claire   Kenwood   California
Claire   Kenwood   California
Catherine   Arvada   Colorado
Kaaren   Westminster   Colorado All that needs to be done to   keep these programs funded is:  (1)   Remove the cap on Social Security contributions and (2) Charge a sliding   scale for Medicare Part A premiums as is already done for Medicare Part B.
Elinor   Englewood   Colorado
Tom   Littleton   Colorado Time for The Democrats to take   the courage pill!
Terri   306 Washington St.   Colorado
M.R.   Denver   Colorado The false deficit narrative   assumes elimination of Medicare, Medicaid & Social Security to subsidize   continued large tax breaks for the wealthy and the decades-long wealth   transfer upward. In truth, Medicare-for-All would reduce the deficit by   saving $400 billion a year.
Pat   Denver   Colorado
GwenEllyn   Lakewood   Colorado
Roya   Denver   Colorado
Dana   Fort Collins   Colorado
Donald   Pueblo   Colorado
Joel   Mill Valley   Colorado
Harry   Englewood   Colorado
Deirdre   Avon   Connecticut
Nancy   Washington   District Of Columbia
Elizabeth   Washington   District Of Columbia
Elizabeth   washington   District Of Columbia
National   Council of Jewish Women   Washington   District Of Columbia
Diane   Panacea   Florida
Donna   Dania   Florida
Rita   Surfside   Florida
Joan   Boynton Beach   Florida
ed   tampa   Florida
Jan   St petersburg   Florida
Heather   Punta gorda   Florida
Janna   Atlanta   Georgia This   affects people with disabilities of all ages and women more than many other   groups.
Elizabeth   Savannah   Georgia
Joann   Pocatello   Idaho
Dian   Boise   Idaho
Russ   Boise   Idaho
Alfredo   Chicago   Illinois
Mary   Elgin   Illinois
Mary Rita   Evanston   Illinois
Jane   Hnsdale   Illinois
Alice   Chicago   Illinois Cutting Health & Human   Services, the “social safety net”, to fund continued tax breaks for   the wealthiest 2% is not only fueling mean-spirited greed & deluded   self-interest, such cuts actually will lead to fiscal and economic disasters for   decades to come. This is like burning all the furniture & wood in the   rest of the house to keep one room warm.
Heather   Chicago   Illinois
Gretchen   Chicago   Illinois
Kathye   Chicago   Illinois
Simon   chicago   Illinois
Laura   Arlington Heights   Illinois
 Rae   Bloomington   Indiana
Gary   Bloomington   Indiana
Virginia   Ellettsville   Indiana
J   Louisville   Kentucky
Anna   Louisville   Kentucky
JD   Nicholasville   Kentucky
Jo Ann   Waldoboro   Maine
Wayne   1749 Finntown Rd   Maine
Mary ann   Steuben   Maine America has already suffered   enough at the hands of the richest among us.    They spend their money trying to garner support for their bank   accounts while most Americans are loosing homes, jobs, or both.  How long is the government going to pander   to these special interests?
Sam   St. Mary’s City MD   Maryland
Linda   Mt. Rainier   Maryland
Linda   Mt. Rainier   Maryland
Barbara   Cheverly   Maryland This administration should not   cut social security benefits through Chain CPI  – it represents a permanent cut in monthly   funding for an increased population of elderly who will need to rely on SS   because the rest of the financial sector has eliminated pensions and   responsibility to share wealth produced by these now elderly!
Harvey   Bethesda   Maryland
Nancy   Rockville   Maryland
Fran   Silver Spring   Maryland
julie   baltimore   Maryland Please   address the needs of ALL the people–not just wealthy, powerful people.
Eunice   Frederick   Maryland
Claudia   Conway   Massachusetts
Catherine   Boston   Massachusetts
Jacqueline   Brighton   Massachusetts
D.W.   Cambridge   Massachusetts Millions of women and men as   well as children greatly depend on these vital safety nets.
Joan   Cambridge   Massachusetts
sandra   medford   Massachusetts
Deborah   Quincy   Massachusetts
suzanne   newtonville   Massachusetts
Judy   Newton   Massachusetts
Gordon   Cambridge   Massachusetts
Marjorie   Farmington   Michigan
Ashley   Vicksburg   Michigan
Sherron   Spring Lake   Michigan Cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and   Social Security will only transfer costs, not “fix” the budget.
Josephine   Elk Rapids   Michigan I’m a woman and I vote!
Marilyn   Minneapolis   Minnesota Social Security and   Medicare/Medicaid are the bedrock of our sociey, and they must NOT be   tampered with–especially not in any “grand bargain.”
David   Omaha   Nebraska
Kimberley   Manchester   New Hampshire Our vote said it all. Hands off!
Phillip   Newfields   New Hampshire
jeff   belleville   New Jersey
Bill   Manahawkin   New Jersey We just voted for jobs in the   last election, not to cut programs that most working class people rely on for   a decent standard of living.
Linda   Skillman   New Jersey
Sandra   2405 Blake Rd SW   New Mexico
Denton   Carlsbad   New Mexico
Judith   Santa Fe   New Mexico
Jay   New York   New York
Marina   NY   New York
Laura   Nyc   New York
Karen A   New York City   New York The Nation’s nurses understand   the importance of maintaining SS, Medicare, and Medicaid benefits on one’s   health.
Denice   New York   New York
Elizabeth Wolder   New York   New York
john   bronx   New York If you think the push back   against raising taxes is big try messing with social security and medicare
MARJI   bronx   New York
Donna   Ossining   New York
Joan   Pleasantville   New York
Phyllis   New Hyde Park   New York
Esther   Brooklyn   New York Protect the old, young and sick   from the meanness of those who claim to be God fearing.  It is written, ” as you do unto the   least of these, you do unto me.”    Workers paid into SS and expect it to be there for them in old   age!  Those who are sick should not be   uncared for because of their illness.
Gary   Brooklyn   New York
Susie   Brooklyn   New York
Rebecca   Brooklyn   New York
Ray   Forest Hills   New York
David E   Chatham   New York
Mildred   High Falls   New York Millions more of our population   would be in poverty without Social Security, Medicare, and especially   Medicaid.  The top 1% of this country   must give back the special tax-cut they were given by the George Bush administration   – which shouldn’t have been done in the first place.  With my income increased by SS, I was able   to back a loan for my granddaughter to start medical studies. On the basis of   her paying back the loan (my trust proved correct, and she didn’t default),   she was able to get a loan in her own name the second year – and the country   will benefit from her profession as she attains her goal.
Arthur   Millbrook,   New York
Lola   E.Aurora   New York
Andrea   61247 Route 415   New York
Rebecca   Ithaca   New York
Barbara   Trumansburg   New York The American people said this   loudly and clearly when we re-elected President Obama.
Sidney   New York   New York
Joan   Pleasantville   New York
Jen   Brooklyn   New York
Louise   Bayside, NY   New York
Bonni   Saugerties   New York Healthcare is a RIGHT for all   People, not just a privilege for a select few.Keep our healthcare plans viable, and protect them from being destroyed!!
Sharon   Chapel Hill   North Carolina
Trude   Chapel Hill   North Carolina
Paul   Greenville   North Carolina As a practicing physician, I   know first-hand the importance of a strong Medicaid and Medicare program for   my patients’ well-being.
Liddy   Charlotte   North Carolina This is not a bargain!  It does not help the Debt!  It hurts OLDER people! For What? So you can   look good?
Rachel   Cleveland Heights   Ohio
Vernellia   Dayton   Ohio As person who is about retire I   am very disappointed that you would cut these programs in any way. Instead   you should be increasing the program
Honour   Kettering   Ohio
Honour   Kettering   Ohio
Patricia   Oklahoma City   Oklahoma
Patricia   Oklahoma City   Oklahoma We, the people, understand that   there will be no citing to the deficit for any adjustments made pertaining to   Social Security. SO, LEAVE SOCIAL SECURITY ALONE.
Hank   Gresham   Oregon
Paula   Mount Hood Parkdale   Oregon Please understand: any of the   suggested “trims” to Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid will   kill people. Real people. People who are just like your own relatives, only   poorer.
Karl   Portland   Oregon
Candace Hartman   Lords Valley   Pennsylvania
Mona   Bryn Mawr   Pennsylvania
joan   LANGHORNE   Pennsylvania
Anthony   Philadelphia   Pennsylvania
Gene   611 W. Upsal St.   Pennsylvania As a physician I am only too   well aware that this makes a huge difference in people’s lives
Shani   Philadelphia   Pennsylvania
Gail   Memphis   Tennessee
Jacqueline   Carrollton   Texas
Janell   Garland   Texas
katherine   mesquite   Texas we must protect women and   children   this is not a third world   country  and we worked hard  this is our money   leave it alone
Alvyn   T.   jasper   Texas Mr. President please dont   compromise with the republican party.They are setting u up to have records to   make u a liar n defeat any Democrat who makes a try once u leave office. You   will be handing over to them what they always wanted to steal $ from S.S. .If   u do this n a Republican ever get in ur seat, no 1 can yell no if they want   to kill S.S. or transfere billions of funds.
Joe   Newton   Texas As a clergy person, I work with   the marginalized of society. Religious values demand that we take care of   each other. To cut the safety net (that is already too weak) is   unconscionable!
Mariu   Fort Worth   Texas
Margaret   Spring   Texas
Mary   26703 Glenrock Hills   Dr   Texas
Denise   Austin   Texas I’m disabled and need SS and   medicare to survive!
Robert   Austin   Texas
Nancy   Great Falls   Virginia
Patricia   Springfield   Virginia
Alice   Bristol   Virginia
MARILYN   Woodinville   Washington
colleen   seattle   Washington
Elizabeth   Mukilteo   Washington
Stephen   Mukilteo   Washington
Mary Ann   Madison   Wisconsin Being   on SSDI straightened out my life. Before, pre-existing conditions   restrictions prevented me from getting surgery I needed. Now, I’m finally   healthy after 30 years of chronic pain issues. I still have nerve damage that   prevents me from working full time, though.
Barbara   Little Suamico   Wisconsin This proposal is no solution to   our nation’s problems. I would rather go off the “fiscal cliff” as   I would have nothing left to lose.

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