The National Online March for Reproductive Rights, Health, and Justice

Women and men across the country are speaking out and mobilizing Jan. 22-28, on the 40th Anniversary of Roe v Wade ~ Join us! Click here to tell Congress and each other what we think!
State Comment
  Alabama Political attacks on women’s   health and reproductive freedoms are NOT small government and they diminish   women’s rights to religious freedom and personal liberty.
  Alabama If men could get pregnant,   abortion would be a sacrament, and DIY abortion kits would be on sale at   every hardware store in the country. Get this right, or women will take this   country’s government away from mysoginist conservatives.  Then we’ll see who gets Viagra covered on   their health insurance.
  Alabama I have the right to drive, raise   children as I see fit, and the right to choose my healthcare as I see fit.
  Alabama Stop treating women like second   class citizens.
  Alaska i am 64 years old. in my   lifetime, we’ve come too far to lose everything we’ve gained to a bunch of   old white guys with bad combovers (credit to tina fey)
  Arizona abortion without apology!
  Arizona My body, MY CHOICE.
  Arkansas Abortion saves women’s   lives.  End of story.
  Arkansas Conservatism is pure Evil yet   our politicians embrace it with open arms. Why?
  Arkansas Arkansas men and women are at a   particularly high risk for problems associated with sexual health.Our state has the third highest rate of teen births in the U.S., the   seventh highest rate of Chlamydia, fifth highest of Gonorrhea and third   highest of Syphilis.  YET, state policy   makers continue to insist that we only teach teens to stay away from sex   (abstinence-only) and neglect to give them the full range of information that   would help them make wiser choices about their sexual health.According to a 2010 study by the Dept. of Health, 50% of Arkansas 10th   graders are sexually active and 63% of 12th graders.  A survey about parent’s attitudes in 2010   revealed that 70% support COMPREHENSIVE SEXUAL HEALTH EDUCATION.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Please stand with us to   increase access to education and contraception that will help to reduce our   drastic rates of teen births, STI and HIV.

  California It is the 21st century.  I can’t even believe we are still having to   fight on this front.
  California Keep abortion accessable, safe   and legal. Due to failed birth control as a teen I would have had five, yes   FIVE unwanted pregnancies. I am certain I am not alone on this. I have a   beautiful family now and can support and love my children in an adult fashion.   These are the REAL numbers smart women in the position of power are to be   looking at. Remember if men could conceive this would NOT be an issue!!
  California Keep healthcare safe   and legal for our ladies.
  California I watched my friend almost die   from a back alley abortion in 1969.  I   will never forget.  My ability to have   a safe, legal abortion when I needed it 5 years later was a very different   experience.  We can NEVER go back.  Thank you.
  California I watched my friend almost die   from a back alley abortion in 1969.  I   will never forget.  My ability to have   a safe, legal abortion when I needed it 5 years later was a very different   experience.  We can NEVER go back.  Thank you.
  California I can’t believe I am fighting   ths battle again!
  California Full rights for all!
  California reproductive health education in   every school
  California Women’s health, in ALL it’s   forms, should remain a private matter between the individual and the   healthcare professionals SHE chooses to provide her care. Caregivers should   be able to practice medicine free of intimidation, be it in career- or   life-threatening form. At 73, I’m old enough to know about deaths from back   alley “doctors” and from self-induced abortions performed by   desperate women. Stop the attack on legal and accessible access to health   care for women. Keep access to abortion legal, safe, AND private.
  California As   a volunteer counselor for a homeless shelter, I have witnessed the tragedy of   women who have become pregnant and given birth to unwanted children who then   end up in foster care, group homes or worse, homeless.  Some of these women, were unwanted by their   own mothers also or they were abused, and so they continue the cycle of   giving birth to another unwanted baby.    Sex education, birth control and funding for clinics such as Planned   Parenthood is absolutely necessary to end this cycle of misery.
  California I worked to pass Roe vs Wade and   will continue to defend women’s rights to abortion. Each woman must have the   ability to choose for herself and not have the opinion of another person held   above their own.
  California Bring   education about human health and the human body to our schools.  Educate our youth and get everyone to talk   about that so tabu subject — SEX!    Take the curiosity out of it so our girls can stand up and say “I   don’t think so!!”
  California We women have the right to make   our own decisions for our lives – and our bodies. Stand up to Roe v Wade now.
  California Thank you.
  California My body, my choices, my right to   control. It is constitutionally my pursuit of happiness.
  California These attacks   on women’s rights and health must end!
  California Restrictions   harm women, and what harms women harms the country.
  California I shall not be a second-class   citizen.
  California Get out of my vagina GOP! None   of your business!
  California Women’s health decisions should   be between them and their doctors.  You   wouldn’t think of regulating men’s bodies the way you do women’s.
  California Women, everywhere, united we   stand!
  California We   will be heard and our wishes acknowledged & respected. The power has   shifted and there is no turning back.
  California Stop the War on Women
  California If you believe abortion is   immoral, don’t have one. I and most women feel the real immorality is   bringing unwanted children into this already overcrowded world. Every child   deserves to be loved and wanted.
  California Doing it for my 2 daughters!
  California I trust women
  California A woman I knew died from an   illegal abortion in New York City in the sixties. Please let’s not go there   again!
  California I trust women!
  California Women’s   health and rights are fundamental to our country. We cannot go   backwards.
  California We’re   building momentum and unity for our health and our rights!
  California I am thankful for the right to   make my own health decisions. I hope that my elected officials will Trust   Women with personal health decisions and Keep the US out of my Uterus.
  Colorado Women should be the only ones   making decisions regarding their own bodies.    Our country benefits from having accessible and affordable birth   control, adoption options and yes, abortion care.  Women are equal to men.  We are intelligent beings who are capable   and able to make our own decisions regarding our healthcare.  And we need options.  We lead different lives with different   values and are in different situations.    One solution will not fit.  The   only solution is that each of us individually have the power which is   inherently ours to make decisions that are best for us.  No man or government has any right to make   decisions on reproductive health.
  Colorado Science- it’s true, even if you   don’t believe it. Birth control is an effective way to prevent unwanted   pregnancy, and should be available to all women.
  Colorado All of the above!!! My body, my   voice , my right!
  Connecticut Without an abortion at 19, you   would be calling me a “loose woman”, or worse and berating me for   using TANF.  Instead I have been a very   productive tax payer for the last 27 years.
  District Of Columbia Stop   treating abortion services as something separate from all other medical   care.
  District Of Columbia
  District Of Columbia Access   to preventative health services is key — policymakers, stop meddling!
  District Of Columbia Men   who love women support women’s health care, including reproductive   rights.
  Florida Supporting this   petition yes to Women Rights
  Florida Please let these doctor’s in   Mississippi, have access to HOSPITAL’S! They are saving LIVE’S!!!!!!
  Florida My abortion in 1978 saved my   life and any potential child’s life i jad mental health issues was poor   uneducated,  withoutsupport.  i needed valium to stay sane.  it was taken away from me to prevent birth   defects.  i almost died.    my husband is still the same porn king he   was then. If none of that existed, i have the right,and i am the only one   with the right to decide whether i keep and maintain a pregnanct.
  Florida I am old enough to remember the   days before Roe v Wade.  Those are not   times to which most people want to return.
  Georgia Keep out of womens health   decisions!!
  Georgia We won’t go back to 1973.
  Hawaii Let us not return to times of   hanger and back-alley abortions.
  Illinois I worked in an abortion clinic   for a dozen years, and I have seen first-hand the ways women make   decisions–with their whole hearts and their minds. We all need to trust   women to do the best they can, even in difficult situations.
  Illinois Women think and make their own   decisions.  Make sure they have   affordable accessible options!
  Indiana Women died in the past – we are   not going back!
  Iowa Protect women’s lives, health,   and dignity. Please support reproductive justice.
  Kansas I am an intelligent, adult woman   and I don’t need anyone else making health care decisions for me; do not   limit my options and do not attempt to control me.
  Louisiana Pro choice IS pro family. Law   has no place in deciding reproductive rights for any individual.
  Maine That we are still fighting for   women’s rights today is a sad indictment on our society. But we will not give   up the fight. My body, my choice!
  Maine Please do not repeat this part   of America’s history. Please lets not return to the days of ‘back alley’   abortions and women dying? Please?
  Maryland If you decide not to cover HC   for women for Birthcontrol or abortions despite medical reasons. Then   coverage for vasectomies and Viagra(9 per mo) and Cialis should not be paid   either despite medical reasons. Let old men in Congress etc rethink no   anesthesia for their penis procedure and have to be done by seeking a non   liscensed physician. Or illegally having to purchase erectile dysfunction   meds.
  Maryland The Center for Women Policy   Studies joins our sisters worldwide to support reproductive rights and   justice through our work with women elected officials in USA and globally.
  Massachusetts At 62 years old, I no longer   need to be concerned with birth control or abortion. But I clearly remember   the days when women were way too often found dead in a make shift office   after a non-medical person had attempted to abort her baby and killed them both   instead. Or they would end up with life threatening infections, sometimes not   living through it. No sterilized equipment was used. Instead the tool of   choice was a coat hanger. It is frightening to think that we might go back to   that archaic practice. Women deserve more than that. We deserve qualified   medical doctors to look after us. We deserve to make the decision to take   birth control and have an abortion if deemed necessary. Nobody should be able   to make that decision for us. Young women need the education and assistance   of Planned Parenthood. We are American citizens, we vote, we are a large part   of the American work force, and we have rights. My religion does not effect   my decision to do any of the above. And if it did, I would still consider it   my choice to make a decision about my body and my life.We are a huge part of this country and we are asking for you to listen and   hear what we say.Please note that I have not separated women by color, race or income. All   women are equal.
  Massachusetts I   remember when abortion was illegal.    Those were scary days.  Women   died.  We must move forward not   backward!
  Michigan This country needs a safe,   legal, cheap abortion clinic in every town, village, & city.
  Michigan If dont stay for our rights   nothing will be accomplished
  Michigan I am a woman and I vote!
  Michigan In am woman, hear me ROAR!
  Michigan The only people who should be   concerned about what goes on inside my uterus are me, my husband and my   doctor!! The government needs to fix our economy and stay out of my family   planning decisions!!!
  Minnesota Keep your laws off my body!
  Minnesota Never assume that you know what   is right for another person, and never assume that you understand why a woman   would make this choice.
  Minnesota Frankly, I cannot believe we are   still having issues with this.  We must   not allow our society to move backwards!!
  Minnesota I had an illegal abortion in   1971 – lucky and grateful I survived.    I want my daughter to have safe and legal choices.
  Missouri Every person and their family   has a different situation.  No one   should be able to dictate a result for all without knowing the particular   circumstances.  Educate, don’t dictate.
  Missouri If men could get pregnant   abortion would be a sacrament.–Gloria Steinem
  Missouri 1 out of 4 women are physically   or sexually abused in their lifetime–abusive men prevent women from having   safe, protected sex. millions of our tax dollars go to medicaid to support   women who would have been able to be productive citizens if only they weren’t   forced or coerced or threatened to have child after child and to stay home   and take care of the children because childcare is too expensive and the   economy makes finding work tough. Not to mention the ever growing expense   from State Child Protective Services, the family courts, and law enforcement   officials who are involved with these families.
  Missouri It’s my body, not yours.
  Montana Undermining   women’s rights undermines the economic and poltical health of this   country.
  Montana It’s important to stand up for   reproductive rights on this important anniversary and roll back the   pernicious attacks on women’s rights to control their own bodies.
  Nebraska To reproduce or not to   reproduce, an individual choice, not a legislative body.
  New Hampshire Prevent   unwanted pregnancy by access to affordable birth control to all women. Keep   planned parenthood funded.
  New Jersey We won’t allow anyone but   ourselves to make this important choice for ourselves and for our   daughters….THIS DECISION IS MINE TO MAKE, NO ONE ELSE’S!!!
  New Jersey Keep religion in churches! Civil   law should not be used to prevent religious crimes.
  New Jersey It’s 2013, not 1913!
  New Jersey I am a woman and I think I know   what is good for my body – only I and my doctor have the rights to make   decisions about my personal choices.
  New Jersey Abortion   has been since the beginning of time, and will continue to be, a personal   decision that women make for themselves and their families that must remain   protected from government infringement.
  New Mexico NO man has the right to tell ANY   woman what she can do with her own body.It’s NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS!
  New York Time to stop the right wing   attacks on women’s bodily autonomy and personal decision making.
  New York Proud   to be a reproductive health care provider, including medical abortions!
  New York It is a personal decision   between a woman and her health care provider.
  New York Abortion must not only be kept   safe and legal. Access must be enabled for the widest swathe of society   possible, which means eliminating socio-economic and socio-cultural barriers.
  New York Are   you every woman’s doctor? Should you be making every woman’s healthcare   decisions? Do you know that minorities and low-income women are   disproportionately effected by lack of access to reproductive healthcare? If   it’s not your body it’s not your choice.
  New York
  New York I was 13 when Roe V Wade was   decided.  I am of the first generation   whose right to choose has been protected over her entire reproductive life   cycle.  I trust the women I grew up   with to decide to be mothers when and only when they want to be mothers, and   I trust them to care for those children when they have them.  I also respect their right not to have   children.This is about whether the State or Women, have the right to decide if, when   and how times a woman is to be come a mother, after all.  I trust the women, over the State.
  New York
  New York
  New York
  New York Reproductive rights are a vital   part of healthcare!
  New York
  New York Who better than me and you and   you…and you  to decide what to do   with our bodies…who to sleep with…when to have children and when not   to…how to care for our families…how to protect our futures…I trust womyn   of all shapes and sizes…colors and creeds…
  North Carolina I’m a human being, and I’m fully   capable of making decisions about my own body!!!
  Ohio Respect our bodies we all have   choices support our Women we know what were able to do .
  Ohio I will never vote for any   politician who attempts to circumvent Roe v.Wade or infringes upon women’s   right to their bodies. Period.
  Ohio Keep abortion safe, legal, and   RARE
  Ohio Quit using religion as an excuse   to oppress women! We will not stand for it!
  Oregon I Trust women to make their own   decisions concerning their reproductive health.
  Oregon Those   who are the most vocal opponents of “big government” do so without   any regard to the hypocrisy of demanding governmental invasion of our   bedrooms and women’s uteruses.
  Oregon It   is a private matter as to what an individual does or doesn’t do regarding her   reproductive health and body. It is against the very principles this nation   was founded upon to legislate otherwise. It is wrong for any government,   group or individual to attempt to dictate what a woman chooses regarding her   ability to procreate. Do your job. Protect women’s right to control her   body.Please. Thank you.
  Oregon I   trust ALL women to make choices about their bodies and to decide what is best   for their families!!!
  South Dakota It is my body, my right to do as   I please. Trust me, I know what’s best for my body! Hey government, stay out   of my uterus!
  Tennessee Legislating women’s rights is   not an option. If you want to end unwanted pregnancies, legislate men keeping   their penises in their pants and see how far you get.
  Tennessee I had an abortion at age 14 that   helped me escape an abusive relationship, and I want my daughter to have the   same reproductive choices that I had.
  Tennessee Women should be responsible for   their health decisions.
  Texas Rick Perry is stealing our   taxpayer money, and does not represent me.. or Ted Cruz .. bye Tea party   Repubs, Separation of church and state!
  Texas Women   deserve nothing less than respect and autonomy of our own bodies.
  Texas Every child deserves to be   planned. Treat women with the dignity they deserve.
  Texas my body my choice
  Texas all women deserve the right to   chose what they do regarding their own reproductive health.
  Texas Having   the ability to make all choices about our own body should NEVER be taken from   a woman.
  Texas it is my right and my choice.
  Virginia My husband loves me–and trusts   women–so much that he made a point of mentioning freedom of choice in our   wedding vows.  We need more men like   him to trust us to make decisions about our health care & human rights.
  Virginia Denying access to affordable,   safe, legal abortions would be tantamount to a death sentence for some.  To the extent possible, a woman has the   unalienable right to control what happens with her own body.  This includes access to birth control.   All decisions concerning reproductive   health should be left to women and their physicians.  Keep politics out of it.
  Virginia Fix the economy and stay out of   my vagina!
  Washington In the 21st century it is   amazing to me that we are fighting the women’s reproductive rights issue   again, over 40 years after Roe v. Wade.    We won back then.  Undoing that   law would be so cruel.  Please support   Women’s Heath Rights in all forms.
  Washington I track legislation.
  West Virginia Threats   are continuing to women’s long-term economic and social security and   safety.  I uphold traditional American   values of democracy, independence, fairness, progress, innovation and   pragmatism.  These values do not seem   to exist fully for women, especially after Roe v Wade was passed that   legalized abortion in the United States.
  Wyoming My health care decisions are   between me and my doctor.
  Wyoming Today is an important day for   women and for humankind. We refuse to turn the clock back.


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