Fact Sheets – Abortion and healthcare reform, parental consent/notification and abortion

Abortion Care Coverage and Health Care Reform: Getting the Facts Straight – Planned Parenthood http://bit.ly/g6pjS8

This fact sheet disputes many of the myths out there…


Fact Sheet from UCSF Bixby Center on Parental Notification

In one study, adolescents reported that they will discontinue using most reproductive health services if confidentiality is not guaranteed; however, they would not refrain from having sex

Parental communication on issues related to sex is strong without mandates.

Most young women communicate with their parents about their decision to have an abortion.

A minority of young women choose not to involve their parents in their abortion decision, and they have valid concerns for doing so.

it is likely that poor adolescents and adolescents of color would bear a larger proportion of the likely impact if a parental involvement mandate was implemented.

Parental notification and consent laws delay minors’ abortions.

Mandated parental notification does not increase parental involvement in adolescents’ abortion decisions.

The passage of parental notification and consent laws has been shown to increase the frequency with which adolescents travel out-of-state for abortion care.

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