Do Men Have Sex? A TWSR Book!

Are we really still fighting about birth control?  Is this just a women’s problem?  Do men have sex? With wit and compassion, timely commentaries inspire and provoke from Trust Women/Silver Ribbon Campaign co-founder Ellen Shaffer, with comments by Dr. Sophia Yen. Click below to Buy Now! Only $3.99!

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Do Men Have Sex?


1. Do Men Have Sex? IOM To Study

2. The Trust Women/Silver Ribbon Campaign for Reproductive Rights-   Why Now                                                                                                        

3. On Abortion: Overturn Hyde    

4. The House’s Budget Bill Is a Bully’s Snigger

5. Who’s Sticking Up for the Middle Class?

6. Birth Control? Really? (Yes, Really!)

7. Stand Up for Our Rights? (Repubs Flame Birth Control)

8. We Are All an 11-year-old Girl — And She Is   Pissed

9. Trust Women Week and the San Francisco Banner Project  

10. San Francisco Banners Highlight Trust Women Week  

11. Why I’m “Marching” for Trust Women Week 

12. Um, the Other Thing About Komen and Planned Parenthood…

13. Do Republicans Have Sex?   

14. Who Won? We Will  

15. Have Republicans Gone Bananas?

16. I Know It’s Only Birth Control, But I Like It — And So Do You

17. Paul Ryan: Marching Backwards on Medicare  

18. Women, Choice and Power


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